The guarantee protects us for a set period of time against manufacturing defects or the lack of conformity of the products we purchase.

All products are guaranteed locally, taking into account that the warranty may change by product type, brand and product category. The warranty information is present in each product, if there are products that for some reason do not have the indicated information, write to our customer support.


The customer must present at the time of the claim the purchase invoice:

  • Send an email to: soporte@emarket.pe , indicating the reason and product code.
  • We will respond as soon as possible to schedule a visit to our facilities.
  • Then we will have to review the product to make sure that it actually presents failure.
  • If failure is verified and the product is in good condition the warranty is valid.
  • The product must not have been opened, in addition to having its original packaging.

Legal guarantee

In accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, a failure or defect shall be deemed to exist:

  • When products subject to safety standards or mandatory compliance quality do not meet the corresponding specifications;
  • When the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications they hold or to the mentions of the labeling;
  • When any product, due to manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, parts, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions, where appropriate, is not entirely suitable for the use to which it is intended or to which the provider would have indicated in its advertising;
  • When the supplier have agreed that the products must meet specifications and this does not occur;
  • When the product has defects that prevent the use to which it is usually destined;

For the purposes of what is established in this section, it will be considered that it is a single good that has been sold as a whole, although it is made up of different units or modules.

General clarifications

  • The requirements for the customer to make the guarantee effective will be those established by the manufacturer on the body of the good, sticker attached, instruction manual, packaging or similar.
  • Once the term of the legal guarantee expires the client must assume the payment of any revision, diagnosis, repair and/or replacement that requires the good.
  • It will proceed to change a product or return the amount paid for it, at the consumer's choice, provided that it is within the warranty period, the product recurs in the same failure or the spare part required for its correct operation is not available.

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