Data protection 

The current Personal Data Protection Act is intended to guarantee the fundamental right of people to the protection of their privacy.

The Law 29733 on the Protection of Personal Data aims to guarantee the fundamental rightof individuals to the protection of their privacy, for which it prescribesthat the processing of their personal data is proportional and secure, in accordance with purposesagreed by such persons or authorized by law, thus preventing that such data are illegally used.

Protection Policy

eMarket Perú SAC (eMARKET) is a private company that providesonline sales services in Peru. In this regard, we undertake to maintain the privacy and protectionof information of our customers, suppliers and collaborators in accordance with the provisionsof the Personal Data Protection Act and its regulations, adopting for this purpose the necessarytechnical and organizational measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized accessand theft of personal data.

The customer, supplier or collaborator shall be solely responsible for the personal dataentered in the forms. They are solely responsible in case of false or incomplete personal data.

At this time, eMARKET does not share the personal data of its customers, suppliers orcollaborators of this database with third parties, if this rule changes in the future,it will be duly communicated to the persons involved specifying the identity of the assigneesand the purpose for which the data will be transferred.

Principle of consent

In accordance with the principle of consent, the processing of personal data is lawful whenthe owner of the personal data has given his free, prior, express and unequivocal consent.Formulas of consent are not permitted in which it is not expressed directly, such asthose in which it is necessary to presume, or to assume the existence of a will that has notbeen expressed. Even the consent given with other statements must be expressed in an expressand clear manner.

Principle of purpose

In accordance with the principle of purpose, it is considered that a purpose is determinedwhen it has been expressed clearly, without confusion and when objectively the object of theprocessing of personal data is specified. In the case of a bank of personal data containingsensitive data, its creation can only be justified if its purpose, besides being legitimate,is specific and in accordance with the explicit activities or purposes of the holder of thepersonal data bank.

Principle of quality

In accordance with the principle of quality, the data contained in a personal data bankmust be accurately adjusted to reality. It is presumed that the data directly provided by theowner of the same are accurate.

Principle of security

In accordance with the principle of security, in the processing of personal data, thenecessary security measures must be taken in order to avoid any treatment contrary to theLaw or its regulations, including loss, misdirection of information, whether intentionalor not, whether the risks come from human action or from the technical environment used.

Consent clause

The user gives his prior, informed, express and unequivocal consent to eMARKET, withaddress at Calle Rosa Merino, 428. Urbanización Los Próceres, Santiago de Surco, Lima, Peru,include sensitive and non-sensitive data collected by authorized means or by use of thewebiste (, among other electronic links belonging to eMARKET.

In relation to the above, the user accepts and consents that such data, which are trueand current, will be treated by eMARKET, considering the principles of legality, consent,proportionality, quality, security and the others present in the current regulationsregarding the protection of personal data.

Likewise, you accept and consent to any cross-border orders, transfers and flows made onyour data provided, to related companies or eMARKET suppliers, whenever necessary to:

  1. Identity corroboration if ever questioned.
  2. Identity corroboration for the signing commercial agreements.
  3. To send information for commercial purposes or advertising related.
  4. Sale of products or services provided.

Finally, it is understood that the user is informed and accepts all the conditionspreviously established, before using the services made available.

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