eMarket Perú is a Peruvian company, which aims to sell products and services throughout the national territory using the Internet technology.

eMarket Perú is a Peruvian company that aims to sell products andservices online. The mission of company is the development of an portal to meetthe needs of consumers in Perú.

We believe in free competition without limits and without restrictions for any foreigncompany, but at the same time we believe in the need to strengthen the presence on thenational territory with companies born in our own territory and close to their customersto share the same challenges and solve them according to the same market rules.

Reviews of our customers

We would like to share with you the opinions of our customers, so that you know thecharacteristics of our company and the efforts we make every day to give you a qualityservice. These opinions can be found in different social networks following this link:

Reviews of our customers

The mission

Our mission is to create a direct relationship between technology and the local economy,trying to improve some aspects that at this moment we consider inadequate and not suitablefor the end user:

  • High prices: imported products (technology, clothes, food, etc.) aretoo expensive in comparison with many other countries, the competition between the variousmain distributors in our country is almost non-existent, many companies sell the sameproducts at the same prices, and this in no way helps the end consumer who remains thevictim of an undeclared monopoly.
  • Obsolescence: there are many cases of products sold in our country,which are no longer manufactured in the US and European markets and which instead of beingsold at a reasonable price, are presented as if they were modern.
  • Bad credit: many stores try to hide the very high price and a highmargin level through the use of credit cards that are issued by banks that carry thesame brand. This allows the payment of the product in installments with a high interestrate, distracting the customer from the very high price.

We are aware that it is not easy to solve these problems quickly, and certainly eMarketPerú does not have a magic formula to do so, but every change must start with somethingand it will be our commitment to develop sections respecting thewill to improve these concepts.

The philosophy

What drives us is to be close to our users with respect and seriousness, generatedby the passion for our work. Develop technologies to make themavailable to our users while respecting the fundamental values of national identity.Create a connection between the seller and the buyer in order to benefit the localeconomy and keep prices down.

The vision

The world around us is changing rapidly. To continue to grow we must look to the future,understand the trends and prepare ourselves. Today we need to be ready for tomorrow.Our vision is to continue to work with quality using technology as the main strategy.

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