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We are convinced that our employees are the real protagonists of the transformation of the business, our development and the future of our company.

Those of us who work at eMarket Perú SAC (eMARKET) share our values and a special vision that seeks to make other people have a better day by day. We make eMARKET a inclusive and open workplace where we all contribute something unique. Our way of working is constantly evolving. We are convinced that our employees are the real protagonists of the transformation of the business.

Curriculum vitae

Send your curriculum vitae to the email address indicating the following information: personal data, academic background, professional experience and specializations. It is very important that the resume is attached as a separate file in the e-mail message and complies with one of the following formats: PDF, Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. The same message must contain, a clear statement of acceptance of the conditions contained in the our Privacy policy.


If you have an activity or a job with which you can promote the sale of products on our portal online, write to us directly at our email address and send us your offer of collaboration, indicating the characteristics of the promotion that can be performed and the economic conditions of the collaboration. We will be happy to analyze your offer and if we are interested we will contact you.

Product sales

If you are interested in selling some local products on our ecommerce portal, write to us directly at and send us the complete documentation of the products you want to propose with technical sheets and economic conditions. If the offer is of interest to us, we will contact you as soon as possible for an appointment at our office. It is important that the contact details are correctly specified in the message, such as the e-mail address, the telephone number and the name.

Blog writer

Among our various activities is the publication of a Blog with several articles on some aspects of Peru or even technology in general. If you are interested in writing for us and think you have unique themes to publish, write to us at email address we will be happy to evaluate your articles and analyze your content for a collaboration proposal. Before submitting your proposal, remember that eMARKET is not interested in political, religious or similar content.

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