How to buy 

Demo page on how to use our platform in general and make the best use of the online shopping section to buy our products or services.

To use the online service on the you must be registeredand have a verified account. When registering, the phone number is verifiedas the primary contact, but to make an online purchase you also need to verify the emailaddress via the message registration.


To check the products in the catalog you need to go to theecommerce section from where you canchoose the desired categories or search for a product in the search bar. For each productthere is a page where you can see high-definition images and technical characteristics.

Shopping cart

Once you have chosen the product you want to buy just add it to the cart with thespecific button. You can add more products or more units of the same product to the cart,the important thing is that the total purchase does not exceed the value of S/6,000.If you need to buy products for a larger amount please contact us via an email

Delivery address

Once the shopping cart has been completed and you are ready to start the cashout phase,you will have to specify the delivery address accurately, to avoid any inconvenience duringshipment. If you place several orders on our portal, you should store the delivery addressin your profile so that you can use it in the next orders without having to enter all thedata again. It will also be possible to enter different delivery addresses in your personaldata, such as home, office, family.


After indicating the delivery references you will be hijacked to the payment page thatwill verify the successful completion of the financial transaction. If you choose animmediate payment method such as credit or debit card you will immediately have the outcomeof the transaction, in case of cash deposit or bank transfer, the cart will become a orderpending payment, which will become effective when we receive the payment confirmation fromthe financial institution used.

Change order

After confirming the order it is possible to make changes based on the payment made, ifthe payment is immediate there will be rules to comply with, since the changes must complywith the type of refund possible. In case of deferred payment you can change the order andprint a new payment order.


All prices are always inclusive of VAT. The price indicated, once the order has beenconfirmed, remains the same until delivery. It must be clear that the order price is frozenwhen you confirm the cart and the latter becomes order, in fact if the productremains only in the cart then it is subject to price changes.


In eMarket Perú we try every day to improve the management ofavailability according to the request for sale, this process is not always easy to manageand could happen, in very rare instances, that after placing an order, the availability ofthe product is no longer possible. In this case we will contact the customer and immediatelyperform a full refund and/or identify an alternative product.

Home delivery

Once the order has been confirmed and the financial transaction accepted, the productwill be delivered as quickly as possible. The delivery time can vary from 24 hours to severaldays depending on the destination city and the local presence of the contracted carrier. In anycase when the goods are delivered to the courier for delivery we will notify you with ane-mail message indicating a tracking code, which will allow you to follow in real time thestatus and location of the delivery.

Contact details

It is of great importance that the buyer's profile indicates the correct contact details,as they are the only tool to communicate with the customer in the face of any unforeseenincidents. If the customer has not issued valid contact details, our company does not takeany responsibility for the sale transaction.


To make an online purchase you have to go through a verified payment system, for this reasonyou must be of legal age, it is absolutely forbidden to use false personal data as name, surname,date of birth, etc., nickname is not allowed, and it is not possible to use the name of a familymember or friend. Before making your first purchase, we recommend that youcarefully read the Terms of Sale.

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