What is a Funko Pop?

Funko is a toy company famous around the world for its innovative designs that capture popular movie and series characters. His collectible figures have become the favorites due to their big-headed dolls shape that inspires tenderness and nostalgia. The company's slogan is "Everyone is a fan of something."

How big are the Funko pop?

The standard Funko Pop figures have a size between 9 and 10 cm. His head is 7 cm wide and 9 deep. These measurements can always vary depending on the model. For example, the large Funko Pop have models from 15 cm to 25 cm.

What is the price of the Funko pop?

The average price of a standard Funko Pop is from S/49.90 to S/69.90, there are also special models which can cost up to S/99.90. There are also large or giant figures en S/250. What is different are the models that are hard to find and for collectors, that are not sold in physical stores or online, they are usually sold at auction and can fetch a value of $1000/$3000.

Where to buy Funko pop online?

eMarket Peru website you can find a multitude of offers in terms of figures Funko Pop. Undoubtedly one of the best options when buying the cheapest Funko Pop and with a very high level of product quality and delivery service.

How many Funko models are there?

Over the years these figures have become very popular and today there are more than 18,000 Funko Pop worldwide, including exclusive figures that are currently being sold for a fortune. Every year, Funko produces new models and creates new versions of previous models. Some successful models may return to production.

How to know if a Funko Pop is fake?

The best way to identify that a Funko Pop is original is by checking the feet or head of our figures in search of a series of numbers and letters that will help us to know which line of production belongs the product. Some countries such as Peru require a sanitary permit for the product, it is present on the package.

Where do you make the Funko Pop?

Funko Pop are created in the USA at its headquarters in Everett, Washington. While manufacturing Physics is done in China and Vietnam. Most figures are made of vinyl (PVC) a material Strong and durable plastic that can be used to make toys.

What is Glow in the Dark?

The only Funko Pop that are capable of making their way into the darkest darkness are the Funko Pop Glow in The Dark, also known as GITD. They are distinguished by its power to shine in the most absolute absence of light. You can easily identify the GITD thanks to a yellow sticker or sticker in the shape of a circle in which it can be read 'Glows in The Dark', on the outside of the box.

When did the first Funko come out?

In 2009, Marotti reached an agreement with DC Comics to manufacture a new line of dolls. based on his characters like Batman and Superman. This is how the new Funko Pop line emerged that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010.

Who invented the Funko Pop?

The founder of the company, Mike Becker, had a dream of giving the form of fun to a object and this he began to do in 1998, together with two other friends. They were all united by love for retro and wanted to have their own business, which they started with the artists Rob Schwartz and Sean Wilkinson.

Which is the most expensive Funko?

If you have a Funko of Dumbo's elephant, run to confirm its version because there are many Dumboses highly sought after by collectors. The most expensive is his version of payasete, which has been sell for 5,200 euros.

Who has the most Funko Pop?

David Mebane has 7.950 Funko Pop. American David Mebane has achieved a new Guinness record by collecting more than 7.000 Funko figures, thus surpassing Paul Scardino, who was two thousand figures below the total figure.
Los Funko Pop son figuras de vinilo coleccionables de personajes de diferentes franquicias, como películas, series de televisión, cómics, videojuegos, entre otros. Son reconocidos por su estilo de diseño simplificado y adorable, y su popularidad ha crecido rápidamente en los últimos años.
Existe una infinidad de modelos Funko Pop!, se estima que a la actualidad hay más de 18 mil modelos, con varias medidas de tamaños del mismo diseño y con varias poses o variaciones del mismo.
El principal producto que comercializa eMarket son los Funkos. Empaquetamos y enviamos miles cada mes. Seguramente te preguntarás cosas como: ¿De dónde vienen? ¿Dónde los hacen? ¿Cuál es su historia?
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