Here you can solve the most common questions in general about this website, its security and the sale of its products and services.

How can I buy for eMarket Perú?

The requirement to make online purchases at emarket.pe website is to be a registered, verified and 18 years old. Once you have your account, just log in to our page and make as many purchases as you want. To see the details of how to make a purchase and the necessary steps read the How to Buy page.

Can I make purchases from abroad?

The purchase phase can also be carried out from abroad, since the payment system used is international, but the delivery address must be within Peruvian borders. It could be a useful option for all overseas residents who want to buy something for their family members or give a gift to friends living in the local area.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept different types of payment, from credit cards to cash deposits or bank transfers. To learn more about accepted payments and associated rules, we have prepared a page: Methods of payment, read before making your first purchase.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you no longer remember the password, you can use the recovery function, with which you will receive an SMS message that will help you restore it quickly and without wasting time. If you need to do this now, go to: Change password.

Does home delivery have a cost?

The cost of delivery depends on several factors, the most important is the weight of the product and the place of destination. In the purchase phase, after indicating the delivery address, shipping costs will be calculated, which will be clearly indicated on the report screen, before executing the electronic confirmation and payment. In any case, there are products that can be sold on offer without shipping costs.

What is the minimum purchase amount?

To make a purchase by electronic payment, you must request a minimum amount of S/20. There may also be products that cost less than this amount, in this case you must add other products to the cart or increase the ordered units.

What are the delivery schedules?

At the moment we can only indicate the delivery date and not a specific time interval, we are working to improve this aspect and try to find a better solution with the couriers we work with.

Can I return the purchased product?

Yes, many products can be returned, but there are exceptions, such as media, video games, etc. For more information, we recommend that you read the Exchanges and Returns, page, where you can find more examples.

Are my data safe?

We take many security measures to protect our customers' data, from encrypted connection to the use of encrypted databases and very restrictive rules for accessing this data even by our staff. At the moment, we do not share any information about our customers with third parties.

Are the products guaranteed?

Most of the products we sell come from official importers in Peru or LATAM, so everyone has the guarantee valid for our country. There may be exceptions for products imported directly from United States that the market requires but that do not have a specific guarantee for Perú.

How can I make a claim?

As required by law, it is possible to file a claim about a purchased product by completing an electronic form called the Claims Book, in which you can specify all the purchase details and the reason for the claim.

Can you pick up the products?

No, our company has as its main business the online sale of products and does not have physical points of sale. For this reason, the logistics used does not allow us to offer a collection service on the site, so the order must be delivered to your home.