Payment methods 

Check and read the characteristics of payment methods available to eMarket website to make online purchases.

We accept most payment methods on the market, from credit and debit cards to bank transfers and cash deposits. During the online financial transaction, we use a specialized external service to guarantee greater security, carry out fraud checks and guarantee the protection of private data.

Payment with Card

The debit or credit card is one of the most used means of payment, when the credit card allows it, you can make the payment in installments, with the interest that your bank charges for that purpose. Now you can make payments on our website with Visa, Mastercard and Dinner cards.

Payment with Yape

Yape is a BCP app with which you can make transfers using only the cell phone number of your contacts. The maximum daily shipping amount is S/500.00 in total, for this reason use this payment option for purchases less than this amount. If you are using a computer, you can scan the QR code on the screen, otherwise it is necessary to add our number to your contacts and click from the app.

Payment with BCP

If you have a bank account you can confirm your order by making a transfer to our BCP account, if you have an account in another bank you can make an interbank transfer. Take into account that the transfer between BCP accounts is immediate and interbank takes 24 to 48 hours depending on the bank. All instructions are indicated after order confirmation.

Payment with Mercado Pago

The Mercado Pago account works as a virtual wallet that allows you to make payments, you must have an account in Mercado Pago, there is also the App version that you can have on your phone, so you avoid paperwork and save time, choose between credit card , debit, cash and deposit or money recharged in your Mercado Pago account. Remember that a QR code can also be generated.

Payment with Paypal

PayPal is the simplest, fastest and safest way to pay online wherever you are, even from your cell phone. PayPal only accepts transactions in US dollars, respecting the value of the daily exchange rate. We do not charge any additional fees. After verification your order is sent to the delivery service.

Payment with Visa

If you choose Visa as your means of payment, you may need to use the Verified by Visa service. This implies that when you enter your card details, a window will open where you will be asked for the Internet Purchases password and a personal message (PAM - Personal Assurance Message). If you need more information about this service, please contact your card issuer.

What data do we request?

We only ask you to enter information necessary for the purchase. Name, surname, address, telephone, email and data according to the chosen payment. In addition, we request information about your interests in order to develop new services.

Any transaction carried out in eMarket Perú will never be stored on our server the number of the credit card used or the data of other payment methods. The transaction will be carried out through a specialized third-party financial service and the data will be managed by the network that authorizes the payment and will never be stored in our database.

Security measures

We have TLS technology that ensures both the authenticity of our site and the encryption of all the information you provide us. Every time you buy a product on our website and provide personal information, no matter where you are, your browser connects to our site through the TLS protocol that certifies that you are actually on our website.

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