Intellectual property 

We strive to comply with the laws and regulations on intellectual property applicable to the content and services on our platform.

At eMarket Perú SAC (eMARKET) we are committed to comply with the lawsof intellectual property and regulations applicable to our platform. Likewise, we are committedto respecting the rights of sellers and owners of trademarks and intellectual property rights, sothe publication and marketing of products that violate them in any way is prohibited.

Content property

All information, services and software, displayed, transmitted or used in connection, including, for example, articles, reviews, directories, guides, text,photographs, images, video, html, source and object code, trademarks,logos and the like (called Content) is owned by eMARKET.

You may use the online service only for personal and non-commercial use, and you mayelectronically reproduce or print a copy of any portion or entire content for your personal,non-commercial use only, provided you keep intact any trademark, copyright or other notice thatexists at that content.

If you operate a website and wish to link via “link” with, you can do so providedthat you agree to cease such link at the time eMARKET requests you to do so. No other use ispermitted without the prior written permission of The permitted use described inthis paragraph is subject to your compliance at all times with theTerms of Use.

Content publishing

You may not, for example, republish any portion of the Content on any Internet, Intranet orExtranet site or incorporate the Content into any database, collection, file or cache. You maynot distribute any content to third parties, whether or not for payment or other considerations,and may not modify, copy, reproduce, sell, publish, deploy or any other use ofany portion or all of the Content.

You may not reproduce or copy our Content without written permission from us. You agree not todisassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any software or other products or processes accessiblethrough, to insert any code or product, or to manipulate the contentof in any way that affects the user experience, and not to usedata collection or data extraction.

Content claim

eMarket Perú provides you with an email ,in case you, as owner, licensee or authorized user of intellectual property rights of anyproduct, consider that these rights have been infringed. Upon receipt of the complaint, eMARKETwill review the information and conduct the relevant investigations, reserving the rightto disable or continue to market the product, in accordance with the results of its owninvestigation and in accordance with the provisions applicable laws.

Content authorization

Requests for permission to use the Content for any purpose not permitted in these termsmust be addressed to . In certaincases, you may obtain a special license for that purpose. In such cases, you will bedirectly informed of the portion of the Content for which you may be authorized. If you donot see the authorization, you must assume that can't use the Content.

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