Shipment methods  

Check the characteristics for shipping methods used by eMarket to be able to perform domestic and international home deliveries.

The order confirmation will include information about your order and its delivery. The delivery will be made to the address located in Peru, according to the indications that you have given.


  • Shipping locally (Lima), with a collaborating messenger from eMarket Perú.
  • Shipping nationwide, is done through a private outsourced courier.
  • shipping international, exceptionally through a call to customers support.

Delivery time

The delivery time at the local level is 24/48 hours, and at the national level the time will depend on the courier hired, keep in mind that the shipment is subject to a service surcharge, on some occasions it may be Free depending on whether your product has any promotion.


The product will arrive duly sealed with our brand's distinctive packaging for easy recognition, in addition to your purchase document (ticket or invoice), depending on the information indicated in the order sent. Pay attention to the type of tax document you are requesting, in fact, if the ballot is requested, it will no longer be possible to issue an invoice.


The cost of transport depends on the quantity of products purchased, their weight and volume. For example, the shipping cost of a standard order is S/4.90 in local districts. When you select the products in the shopping cart, you will see the transport updated on the products and their characteristics.


During the checkout, you will be prompted to specify the delivery date and the type of service, such as FREE, FAST, or EXPRESS. Here's how it works:

  • For local deliveries, the selected date represents the actual day of home delivery. In some districts, it is also possible to choose the EXPRESS delivery method with same-day delivery.
  • If the delivery is destined for a province, the date indicates when we hand over the package to the courier. The courier will then take a variable amount of time (3 to 7 business days) to complete the delivery, depending on the region.

For example, if you select December 23 in calendar, as the delivery date, home delivery for nearby districts will occur on the same day, as our local delivery service carried out by drivers will conclude the delivery on the same day.

However, if you choose the same date for a delivery in the province, it represents the day we hand over the package to the courier. You will receive a tracking code to monitor the shipment, and home delivery will be completed a few days after the date selected on our calendar.


While receiving the order, you must sign a copy of the referral guide confirming that you received the expected products and everything is in accordance with your order. If you find any visible defect in the package delivered, take a picture of the package before receiving it and immediately report the defect.

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