Security tips and best practices to follow to make your account more secure. Protect your identity and read our advice carefully.

Online security is a priority for eMarket Perú. To protect your Account, we recommend that you perform the steps listed below on a regular basis. If your browser, apps, or operating system are outdated, the software may not be protected against attacks. To protect your account, in addition to the recommendations below, keep your software up to date.

Contact detailss

In your profile always use truthful and up-to-date contact information, in fact if we notice any suspicious operation we will notify you immediately by e-mail or SMS message, but if this information is outdated or false, we will not be able to contact you and we will not be able to request a confirmation of identity. Please note that if we verify incorrect contact information or false personal data, we will immediately delete account and activity.

Unique passwords

It is risky to use the same password across multiple sites. If hackers get your password for a site, they may use it to access your accounts across multiple sites. So never use on this portal passwords that you already use for your email accounts or even less for the accounts you use to access your smartphone. You can use your phone number or email address as your account name but always provide a unique password dedicated to the EMARKET website.

Powerful passwords

Choose passwords that are difficult to guess, they don't have to be generated only with illegible characters, the important thing is to create sentences that are long enough and never linked to information personal, such as partner name, dog name, date of birth, car license plate, etc. Much better to use simple phrases with a little imagination.

Suspicious messages and content

Hackers can use emails, text messages, calls and web pages to fake institutions, family members or colleagues, or show up with our company name to capture information sensitive and steal your account. On this point always remember that eMarket Perú will never ask you, credentials with an email, an SMS message and much less with a traditional phone call. We will never send links to perform operations of security. There may be alerts for non-suspicious operations, but it is your job to go to our website and verify, never use links in an email.

Browser extensions

Some extensions must have permission to read the data of the sites you visit. Make sure that the extensions you use are really needed and that we have a good rating in internet communities. As they may not only read sensitive data but also perform operations on your behalf as logged in. Based on the browser you use, look for instructions to check your installed extensions and their functionality, as well as the permissions granted.

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