Terms of sale

The following terms of sale will apply to all purchases made through the emarket.pe website provided by eMarket Perú.

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The following terms of sale apply to all purchases made through the emarket.pe (the Site). The Site and the products offered through it are provided by eMarket Perú SAC with R.U.C. No. 20600087585, with address at Calle Rosa Merino 428, Urbanización Los Próceres, Santiago de Surco, Lima. (as EMARKET). You and your refer to you, the user of the Site and buyer of the products.

Buying products through our Site implies knowledge and acceptance of these Terms of Sale, Terms of Use, Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping Methods, Payment Methods and Data Protection. By accepting these Terms of Sale, you also agree to the additional policies, which are an integral part of this agreement. You should carefully read these terms of sale and additional policies before purchasing any product or service present on this Site.

The Site and the products

This section sets out important information about the Site and the products offered on it for sale. Buying products through the internet offers a different shopping experience than shopping in store. In particular, you need to take into account that:

  • The colors of the products you see on the Site depend on a variety of factors, such as the settings of your display.
  • The actual sizes and shapes of products and their elements may differ from how they appear on your screen. Please note that for each product sold on the Site, related technical information is provided.
  • Photographs and images appearing on the Site are for illustrative purposes only. For a more accurate description of any item and to know in detail what is included with it, please refer to the corresponding description.
  • All products are subject to availability and may not be able to fulfill your order. We reserve the right to withdraw from sale any product at any time.
  • We will make every effort to deliver your products to you within a reasonable period of time after the order is placed, in accordance with all applicable laws and these terms of sale; in any event, please note that tracking information is provided by our parcel service provider and is treated exclusively of an estimate of delivery time, so the information cannot be considered as accurate. Delivery dates may vary.


We have the right to modify or stop providing the Site and to stop selling any product through the Site at any time, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. We will not be liable to you for any modification or interruption of the availability of the Site.


You are responsible for ensuring at all times that any login or password information and all other details related to your account remain confidential at all times. You agree to inform us as soon as possible if you know or reasonably suspect that the security of your account is at risk. We remind you that by registering on the Website, without prejudice to our Privacy Policy, you will be asked to provide complete, up-to-date and truthful information, as it is expressly prohibited to use names or credentials that do not relate to your actual identity.

How to make an order

First you purchase, you will be asked to register your personal data on our Site by completing a registration form. Registration is mandatory to facilitate the purchase process on future orders through the Site. You will also be asked to provide your debit or credit card details, to allow us to receive payment after acceptance of your order.

Payment: EMARKET uses payment services provided by third parties to verify that your data is correct and to manage payment in our account. Your personal data, including your debit or credit card data, will be securely transferred to the providers of these services that we may use to perform fraud prevention checks. We do not retain any credit or debit card details.

Personal data: By submitting your order, you expressly authorize your data to be transferred for such purposes. Your data will be processed in accordance with the terms set out in the Privacy Policy, without prejudice to all other mandatory provisions that may be applicable. In the event of inaccuracies during the control of your data or any discrepancy in your credit or debit card information, the purchase process may be delayed, suspended or interrupted.

Confirmation: After placing the order in the corresponding section of our Site, you will have access to a confirmation web page - which will provide you with a summary of the order - and you will receive an e-mail confirming the order. You should carefully review all data and information to verify that it matches what you want. You can add products or modify the order after you have received the order confirmation, within the time specified in the same email message.

Acceptance: Confirmation of the order is subject to confirmation and acceptance of the order by EMARKET; this confirmation is also a purchase commitment that you assume and an authorization to pay the corresponding price with your credit or debit card; when you place an order to purchase products on the Site; this is an offer to buy products from us; when you order more than one product, your order includes one offer for each product.

Acceptance of the order

All orders are subject to acceptance by EMARKET, who reserves the right to accept all or part of the products of the order indicated in the order confirmation. Although we hope to be able to supply all products in order EMARKET may refuse without liability, any order that does not comply with the terms of sale and will cancel the corresponding order. In the event of rejecting your order, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible.

La confirmación de envío contendrá una copia de estos términos de venta, la información relativa al derecho de devolución, así como el recibo o factura de su compra. El recibo o la factura servirá como prueba de compra de los productos y podrá ser recuperado en cualquier momento en el Sitio, en la sección "Historial de pedidos". Le sugerimos que imprima y conserve una copia del recibo o factura, una copia de estos términos de venta y una copia de las políticas adicionales. Si necesita ponerse en contacto con nosotros por cuestiones relativas a su pedido, es probable que tenga que hacer referencia expresa a estos documentos.

Payment methods

You agree that your credit or debit card will be charged at the time your order is submitted. You will receive an email with the shipping confirmation, where you can see in detail the products actually shipped. The email will include information about the products actually shipped at that time, a summary of these terms, information about the items purchased, about the right to return, payment methods, and all information we are required to provide by law. For more information: Payment methods.

Shipment methods

Confirmation of the order will include general information about your order and an estimated delivery date for the products. The email will include a tracking number that you can use to track the order on our parcel service provider's website and to obtain an estimated delivery date. The delivery will be made at the delivery address located in Perú, according to the instructions you have given during the order. Orders are usually delivered 2 business days from confirmation. For more information: Shipping methods

Exchanges and returns

Cancellation order: You may cancel your order for all standard products up to 1 (one) hour after you have placed the purchase order. Unless the final payment has been made and the products have not already been shipped to the delivery. In any case, it is possible to contact our sales support via an email using soporte@emarket.pe where we will try to resolve your request.

Right of return: You may return the products purchased on the Site within a maximum period of 10 (ten) business days from the date of delivery. The right of return may be exercised in respect of one or more of the products delivered. In case of return of products, You agree to take reasonable care of the products and return all unwanted products at your expense, so you must only pay the corresponding shipping costs. Please read our Returns Policy for more information about exchange and terms.

Defective Products: In the event that the delivered products do not materially conform to the description provided in the order confirmation, are incomplete, damaged or defective and we are unable to remedy the problem or error reasonably satisfactorily in your judgment, then you can return those products without prejudice to other rights granted to him by applicable law. Please read our Returns Policy for more information about return terms.


We are not responsible for any delay in complying with or failing to comply with these terms of sale or additional policies if unforeseeable, inevitable and beyond our control delay or non-compliance; such as fires, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, wars, civil disorder, acts of terrorism or vandalism; and damage or destruction of our premises, equipment or items, or on account of any act resulting from a commercial dispute or lack of labor or any other incidental event.

Content modification

EMARKET reserves the right to modify the terms of sale and additional policies at any time. Any changes to the terms of sale or additional policies will be valid for all new orders made from the posting of the modification on the Site. You should be aware of the terms of sale and additional policies posted on the Site before placing an order, as these may have changed since your last visit.


If you have any questions or concerns about the terms or about additional policies, products or the Site, you can write an email to legal@emarket.pe. Any variation of these terms of sale requires our written confirmation. Please note that these terms of sale and additional policies do not affect or limit your legal rights as a consumer under the National Consumer Protection Act.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms of use are governed by Peruvian law and any dispute arising in relation to the validity, application or interpretation thereof, will be resolved in the courts of the Cercado de Lima.

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