Online store 

Why does Market Perú only sell online and have no physical stores? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and we will try to answer as best we can.

Emarket Peru is a Peruvian company, which since its foundation was conceived to bevirtual, so that our products can reach more people at a lower cost, because we can dothis, being a virtual store we do not have the expenses that an physical store, that is,renting different locals, necessary security expenses in a physical store,various warehouses, etc., which also implies savings for you as our final consumers.

Online catalogue

The items we sell can be found in our catalogs, they are products that you can alsofind in any internet search engine, that is, nothing complicated and easily accessible,the difference is the cost and our delivery guarantee. The products, unlike a physicalstore, are well stored in our warehouse and are not exposed to the contact of visitorswho, over time, can somehow lower the quality of the packaging.

Online experience

Thus, we want to innovate the concept of the store, without neglecting your preferencefor the physical store, which is also a concept that remains in force over time. It ispossible to use physical stores to be able to do the classic shopping at the mall andhave a good time, buy products where you need to try them, etc. Online sales are notsuitable for this type of experience, it is a different thing and it is designed for atarget of different clients, who seek to save time and money.


The online service of eMarket Peru does not want in any way to be a competitor ofa physical store but rather it wants to be an alternative service for customers whohave different needs and who find in our service the solution to their problems. Weare convinced that a client can use a physical store as a virtual store, depending onthe products or services necessary at the moment.


Creating a virtual store is not easy, as it may seem at first glance, the problemswe have to face to improve the service are many and every day we learn something fromour experience, for this reason we encourage you to use the means of contact availableon our portal and inform us when you find any detail that can be improved,we will reply as soon as possible.

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