After delivery  

Why doesn't Market Peru have cash on delivery? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and we will try to answer the best we can.

We are often asked if we have cash on delivery, we must answer that we do not have this means of payment enabled, because being a virtual store, in order to process orders, payment must have been made previously. Our delivery service is not authorized to charge directly with the customers.

Our History

If you have any questions before making the payment, we suggest you review our history a bit, Emarket Peru is a company with different years in the market and our customer references support us, here you can find some opinions of our customers, you can also check in Sunat that we are considered a good taxpayer, we always issue a invoice for each order received and we respect the commercial rules.


Although we do not have a physical store, if we have offices, qualified personnel and good customer service, our guarantee is thousands of satisfied customers. We are convinced that the positive result of the last years does not need a cash on delivery payment to be valued, which entails a great loss of time, money that has to return to the offices, in addition to the danger of the delivery personnel.


For the near future, we are trying to study an electronic system without cash payment, perhaps with some kind of mobile device, that can somehow solve this limitation without affecting costs.

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