Offer 3x2 

One of the best promotions for our customers is the 3x2 offer, which consists of buying three products of each one for free.

One of the most anticipated promotions of our customers is the 3x2 offer that consistsof buying three products of which one will be free. This promotion is explained below.

How it works

To begin with, the products in 3x2 promotion have a red logo of distinction at the top ofthe product photo. After adding the selected products to the cart, the system will automaticallydeduct every three units the value of the lowest-priced product.


For example: if you select three products: two of S/59.90 and one of S/49.90,the total discount applied will be S/49.90. You will only pay a value of S/119.80 for the threeunits. The selected units can belong to the same model or even to different models. You can selectthree units of the same model, two equal units and one different or three units of different models.


Otherwise, if you choose three products of the same price, the price of a single unit willbe deducted. For example, if we buy three products from S/69.90, the total discount appliedwill be S/69.90. You will only pay a value of S/139.80 for the three units.



To meet the needs of all our customers, each of them can buy a maximum of nine units perperson. In this way most of our customers have the option to purchase their favorite productsbefore off stock.

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