Black Friday 

eMarket Perú in this period publishes real offers, great discounts designed for our best customers, super offers that cannot be missed.

Black Friday is a day when many stores apply discounts to their products. Wepublish real offers with great discounts designed for our customers, eMarket Perúuses the original concept of Black Friday, that is a few days with real offersthat you cannot miss, here we leave you the list of this year's offers, go aheadand choose your favorite products.

Promotion from 21 to 27 of Nov/2023

Black Friday doesn't have a fixed date. Influenced by his American heritage,the discounts are the day after Thanksgiving. In the beginning the discountswere only applied for one day, but in recent years it has been extended to thewhole weekend or even for a whole week.

eMarket Perú has chosen the week from 21 to 27 November 2023.

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