Banpresto - Naruto Shippuden - Vibration Stars - Hatake Kakashi (special version)

Banpresto Figure. Made of PVC. Comes with a base in its original box. Banpresto - Naruto Shippuden - Vibration Stars - Hatake Kakashi (special version). Officially licensed product. Banpresto figures intricately depict scenes and characters from the best manga of the moment with great attention to detail.
Banpresto - Naruto Shippuden - Vibration Stars - Hatake Kakashi (special version)
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Materiales PVC
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Banpresto arrives at eMarket Peru with an intriguing catalog of products. A PVC figure boasting excellent details and finishes, making it an excellent addition to your collection. The figure is sold in a sturdy box that ensures the product's quality. All Banpresto products come with official licenses. Seize the opportunity now and kickstart your collection with characters from your favorite series such as Dragon Ball, Harry Potter, and many more.

Hatake Kakashi is an iconic character from the manga and anime "Naruto". Known as the "Copy Ninja", Kakashi is famous for his ability to mimic the movements of his enemies thanks to the Sharingan, a special eye he inherited from his fallen comrade, Obito Uchiha.

Kakashi is known for his calm demeanor and his face partially covered by a mask. He is a brilliant strategist and an exceptionally skilled warrior. In addition to his powerful technique, the Chidori, Kakashi is respected for his wisdom and compassion, serving as a mentor and protective figure for his students.
Action Figures

Banpresto is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing collectible action figures based on anime, manga, and film licenses. Most of its figures are budget-friendly, though it also features higher-end lines such as Grandista or Manga Dimensions. Other lines include Q Posket and Colosseum Scultures. Among its licenses are Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Yuri on Ice, Re:Zero, Sword Art Online, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and some Disney models.


Banpresto is a toy company founded in 1977, which has become a subsidiary of Bandai Namco. It specializes in Prize figures, which can be obtained in arcades and are priced affordably. The origin of the company's name is "Ban" from BANDAI and the performance symbol "Presto." The greatest charm of a character is "to give a smile." As a company that has been creating dreams and emotions since its foundation, it believes that characters are content that can connect with people all over the world.
Producto Original al 100%
Materiales PVC
Fabricante Bandai
Edad mínima 15 años y más
Dimensiones ‎13,97 x 6,86 x 21,08 cm
Peso 350 gramos
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