Puzzle - Dixit - Queen Of Owls - 1000 Pieces - 48x68 CM

Enjoy the Dixit illustrations. Each puzzle model includes a unique Dixit card. It consists of 1000 pieces. Brand: Libellud. Puzzle - Dixit - Telekinesis - 1000 Pieces - 48x68 CM.
Puzzle - Dixit - Queen Of Owls - 1000 Pieces -  48x68 CM
Piezas 1000
Dimensiones 48x68 CM
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As a legacy for all Dixit fans, a range of puzzles illustrated by none other than Marie Cardouat and Marina Coudray, the artists behind the base game of Dixit and the Revelations expansion, has arrived. Each Dixit puzzle comes with a new and exclusive card!

1000-piece puzzles. Puzzle dimensions: 48 cm x 68 cm. Immerse yourself in DIXIT MAGIC: Enter the enchanting world of Dixit with this high-quality puzzle adorned with illustrations by the renowned Dixit artist, Marie Cardouat. After assembly, this splendid puzzle transforms into a visually stunning masterpiece worthy of a place on your wall.

EXCLUSIVE DIXIT CARD: Each puzzle in this collection comes with a unique Dixit card that complements the puzzle artwork, allowing you to enhance your Dixit collection.

VERSATILE GAMEPLAY: The included Dixit cards seamlessly integrate into any Dixit product, sparking creativity and imagination in your gaming sessions.

SATISFACTION: A great choice for dedicated Dixit fans and puzzle enthusiasts, offering both an engaging challenge and the joy of completing a visually stunning work of art.

The company was founded in 2008 by Régis Bonnessée, a board game author, in order to publish the game Dixit, an atypical game that did not attract the interest of other players in the gaming market. From 2008 to 2018, the company released about fifteen games, consistently increasing its revenue and the number of employees, adopting a functioning similar to that of a video game studio. In June 2016, furthermore, an independent video game studio, Libellud Digital, was created to develop an online version of Dixit.
Piezas 1000
Dimensiones 48x68 CM
Dimensiones caja 5,41 x 37,01 x 37,01 cm
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