Juego de Cartas - Saboteur - Huida de la Mina

Saboteur: Escape from the Mine is a sequel to the classic board game Saboteur. This time, the mine is flooding and you must escape as soon as possible. Try to get out of the mine and secure as much treasure as possible. New adventures for fans of this game, with a small dose of "negative interaction," essential for having a great time with your friends.
Juego de Cartas - Saboteur - Huida de la Mina
Edad 10+
Jugadores 2-8
Tiempo 45 Minutos
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In Saboteur: Escape from the Mine, two clans of gold-seeking dwarves are trapped in a flooded mine filled with monsters and goblins.

This thrilling card game requires each clan to fight their way out of the cave and save as much gold as possible before it's too late.

With its dose of "negative interaction" and components of path-building and hidden roles, Saboteur: Escape from the Mine is an exciting sequel to the classic Saboteur. Play with friends or family and enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience!

Fréderic Moyersoen is the mind behind the game, in addition to the Saboteur series, the designer is also the creator of Nuns on the Run. The artwork is by Alexander Jung, who has also illustrated titles like Bora Bora or Dominion: Intrigue.

The game contains 50 tunnel cards, 32 action cards, 4 end-of-tunnel cards, 1 start card, 10 clan cards, 8 dwarf cards, 8 dwarf tokens, 3 monster tokens, 3 web tokens, 46 gold nugget tokens, 5 help cards, and a rulebook.
Edad 10+
Jugadores 2-8
Tiempo 45 Minutos
Autor Fréderic Moyersoen
Ilustradoreso Alexander Jung
Idioma Español
Condicion del producto Nuevo y original
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